Delivery and payment


Delivery will be on a Thursday between 3pm and 7pm for full bread, soup and sweet treat subscriptions. Bread and soup or bread and croissant deliveries will be on a Tuesday at similar times. In the darker months I may set our earlier, but I will message you to let you know. If the date of delivery needs to be changed you will be phoned about this as soon as possible.

It is essential to designate a safe place to leave your delivery, even if you intend to be at home. This avoids missed delivery and minimises waste.

Box hire – For a £5 deposit a waterproof box will be left with your delivery in, if you are out. This will help preserve freshness and avoid any damp from weather changes. Please leave your empty box outside, in your specified area, on the day of your next delivery. You will receive your £5 deposit back when I have received the box back at the end of your subscription. If you notice any damage to boxes please inform me.

  • Delivery areas are within Bewdley, Kidderminster and Stourport
  • Please enquire by email on the contact page to find out if delivery is possible to your address and if a subscription space is available for you.

If it turns out that you live outside the area you may want to get permission to have your goods delivered to a friend or workplace in the area. Alternatively I can add you to my waiting list. I will contact you should the delivery area expand in the future.

Each item will be delivered wrapped or contained in paper or cardboard to begin with. I will be asking people about delivering the soup in reusable glass kilner jars to reduce packaging waste.


Payment must be received three working days before the delivery day to make sure your order is cooked and baked ready for your enjoyment.

Payment can be made using the following options

  • You will be emailed an invoice where you can pay by card, apple pay etc using square pay. It’s quick and simple to use.

“Thank you so much for the sumptuous supper delivery this evening. The sourdough was divine and so nice to pair it with freshly made scrumptious cauliflower soup, which was a meal in itself. It was hugely comforting on a cold depressing evening. The tiffins are a real treat and enough to keep us going over the weekend! So enjoyed our ‘new going out Thursday night’ which is set to become a weekly highlight! Many thanks, Gill.”

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