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“So convenient, but also such a personal touch. A joyous moment in the week when delicious bread, soup and treats arrive!”.

Facebook review January 2023

What do I get in my order?

Look at the subscription bundles page for more details. You will get one type of sourdough, one type of soup with two portions included and one type of sweet treat with four portions.

If you select bread only or bread / soup, then these are what will be delivered.

Am I in the delivery area?

Please email me with your address. I aim to reply to you within 2 working days. The delivery area will be close to the micro bakery of the doorstep baker in Bewdley. It will be an area that evolves over time. It may also depend on other subscription deliveries to ensure it is efficient and cost effective. Once it has been confirmed that you are in the delivery area, you will be sent details of how to subscribe, how the doorstep baker works and the terms and conditions. If you know you don’t live locally try my mail order sourdough instead. Click here: Sourdough by mail order trial

Do you bake for wholesale?

On the whole not usually, but I have started to, where I can make this work for your business and The Doorstep Baker. So it’s always worth asking. I always like to support local small business when I can.

What if I don’t like certain foods?

When you contact me about a subscription, I will email you with a form asking about anything you really don’t like, other dietary issues, allergies and intolerances. All food delivered will be labelled with allergen ingredients.

The Doorstep Baker is an opportunity to try new foods and exciting tastes. You get handmade products and with this comes a surprise each week. Let me know if something is really not for you. I will see if if I can offer a replacement.

Can I collect my order?

I only work on a delivery basis for subscriptions.

What if I know I’ll be out when you are going to deliver?

This is okay. For a deposit of £5 I can leave your delivery in a plastic, lidded box in a place you have specified on the customer details form, e.g. porch. I will send this form out to you before subscribing. You will get your £5 deposit back at the end of your subscription, once I receive the box back. Please leave your empty box outside, in your specified area, for me on delivery day each week. Or you can use a weather proof box or bag of your own. It is recommended, especially for wet days.

What if I have life threatening allergies or an intolerance to certain foods?

Please read the allergens page. Let’s chat about it and then you can decide, before signing up for any subscription. A member of my family has life threatening allergies. From experience, I am used to being refused as a customer in food environments. This means I am eager to help supply a person with allergies where I can. Some intolerances can also be able to be catered to. My mail order sourdoughs are made with flour from Shipton Mill, whose allergen poicy means I am confident to make and sell my loaves as containing no tree nuts or peanuts. The only allergen they are made with is gluten. To find out about my mail order sourdough click here: Sourdough by mail order trial

Can I have my soup delivered in a jar?

Yes. Please provide me with 2 x 1 litre clean sealable jars. Or I can give you two new ones for the cost I buy them for. Just let me know at any time during your subscription. You keep the jars when your subscription has ended.

What if I’m not in the delivery area?

Sorry if you aren’t in the delivery area. I am a micro bakery and the aim is to supply the community local to me. The delivery area is kept to a distance that is efficient and sustainable for this small business. You can buy from me at Farmers Markets and Food Fairs. Dates for these are on the home page at the bottom. You can also find my sourdoughs at Bells Farm Shop, Chadwick Bank, Stourport each Friday. If you know you don’t live locally try my mail order sourdough instead. Click here: Sourdough by mail order trial For real bread micro bakers near you, look up your postcode on The Real Bread map at

You may have a work address or trusted person that can accept your delivery and is in the area. Please ask them first and then enquire to me with their address. I will let you know if it is possible to deliver to them. The Doorstep Baker will not be held liable for the delivery once it has been delivered.

Can you cater for a vegan diet or gluten free?

The sourdoughs are vegan friendly and many of the soups are dairy free or the dairy can be left out. I make a non gluten loaf, that I sell at my market pop ups. My kitchen handles gluten. I make the loaves at the start of the day before making any gluten products.

What happens when I go on holiday?

Please let me know a minimum of a week before your delivery that you will miss. I can update your subscription for up to two consecutive deliveries. If you have missed this deadline of a weeks notice, perhaps you would donate your delivery that week to a friend, neighbour or family member if they live nearby. If you are going to be away for more than two weeks we will stop your subscription and start it again for when you return.

What happens when The Doorstep Baker goes on holiday?

The Doorstep Baker will close for holidays as well. This will be about 4-6 weeks over the year. I will let you know these dates as far in advance as possible. They are always listed on your terms and conditions.

What if I want to cancel at the last minute or buy a subscription by tomorrow?

As this is a small subscription based business it means that I plan a long way ahead for the food orders. I order a certain amount of stock to reduce waste and make sure the weekly deliveries are carried out effectively. Cancellation of a subscription needs to be at least a week before your next delivery. For new subscriptions, if there are subscription slots available, they will often start within a couple of weeks. If there is a waiting list I will let you know.

Are your premises inspected by the local authority?

Yes. I am registered with the local authority and my premises can be inspected at any time by the local authority. I have completed the Food Hygiene and Safety level 2 training. I am fully insured.

Do I have to pay using square pay?

I don’t carry cash on my deliveries and square is an easy, secure way to pay online. The details of how to pay will be with your invoice.

You can use paypal to pay me. I will send you further details if you need to do this.

What is a subscriber?

It simply means we have arranged for you to receive a service and that you pay in advance. I do this to avoid making too much and the result being food waste. Payments are not taken automatically. You only pay for 4 or 12 deliveries. 12 deliveries can be paid for every four weeks and I will email you a reminder for this. Payment is required by 3 days before the start of your first 4 deliveries.

What are your terms and conditions?

These are fairly straightforward. I will email you a copy when you request to subscribe with me at The Doorstep Baker. Please read them through and make a note of any dates on there.

I love something you made and I want it again!

If you really like something, send me an email to let me know and I’ll see if this can be accommodated within your subscription time. If you have any other recipe or flavour ideas you’d like to let me know about please do so. Due to planning ahead for a small business there will be certain deliveries already accounted for. Sharing and creating is a great way forward!

I have other questions

No problem. Please contact me on I aim respond to your question within 2 working days.

Take a look at the newsletters, you’ll find answers to more questions about the food I make there. Click here Newsletter

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