Subscription bundles

Doorstep baker subscriptions are for 1 or 3 months

A Thursday weekly delivery includes 1 fresh sourdough loaf approx 900g, 2 individual filled quiches for July deliveries (other months are 2 portions of fresh soup in a 26oz lidded carton or kilner type jar), a box of 1 type of freshly baked sweet treat with 4 portions inside. It’s a lovely surprise each time you open the box.

Terms and conditions of delivery will be sent to you before you agree to a subscription, along with a form for more information about delivery and any allergies. I then email you an invoice that you can pay through using debit and credit cards. It’s simple.

“In one word…amazing! The bread was lovely, soup was delicious (even my 2 year old liked it!) And the cake was scrummy! We look forward to seeing what delights we get this week. Thank you”.

Bread, soup and sweet stuff subscriber from Kidderminster

If you want to know more about the food or would like a delivery with only bread or with only bread and soup, please email me and I will see what availability I have. To try before you buy, visit one of the farmers markets I sell at. Details are on the homepage.

Choose from

1 month

  1. Bread delivered for 1 month (4 deliveries) £16 check for availability
  2. Bread & soup delivered for 1 month (4 deliveries) £30
  3. Bread, (quiche for July) soup and sweet treats delivered for 1 month (4 deliveries) £46

3 month

  1. Bread delivered for 3 months (12 deliveries) £48 check for availability
  2. Bread & soup delivered for 3 months (12 deliveries) £90
  3. Bread, (quiche for July) soup & sweet treats delivered for 3 months (12 deliveries) £138

New! Add on a delicious local honey or homemade jar of preserve from Bromsgrove Honey & Bewdston Preserves! The perfect complement to your handmade sourdoughs. Details will be emailed along with your subscription order details.

Want to know more about what surprises will be baked, cooked and delivered to your door?


Breads are produced on a weekly rotation basis. All sourdoughs are made with organic flour and my home made sourdough starters. Flour, water and salt are the only ingredients, which are the great foundation for ‘real bread’. The bread making process runs for up to 36 hrs, including an over night prove in the fridge. The resulting sourdough has had a long time to ferment the flour, which is said to make it more easily digestible than mass produced breads. And the flavour and texture speaks for itself.

The foundation of all my home made sourdoughs

Home made organic sourdough starter. A natural yeast made from flour and water and the natural airborne yeast. Cultivated since November 2019. Nickname ‘Gordon’ (Gordon’s alive!)

I now have a dark rye starter I use named ‘The 3 Vs’, born in June 2020.

Classic sourdough loaf 900g

The tangy sourdough flavour. Delicious for your weekend toast or load it up with your favourite hot toppings for a delicious brunch. Or simply have it with soup or an evening meal. Made with my homemade organic white flour sourdough starter. Simple natural ingredients of organic white flour, water and salt. No artificial additives. Vegan friendly.

The 3 Vs sourdough 900g

My dark rye starter is an intense blend and named the 3 Vs by Doorstep Baker Instagram followers in 2020. Named so after 3 villanous on screen characters you may be able to guess? The great taste and cruchy crust of the white sourdough, with the addition of 30% organic wholegrain or organic rye flour for extra nutritional value and depth of flavour and texture. Vegan friendly.

Hint of rye 900g

Home made dark rye starter with a blend of organic white flour and 10% dark rye flour for a perfect balance of firm texture and tang! Vegan friendly.

Hint of wholegrain 900g

Made with white or rye starter and organic white flour. 10% organic wholegrain flour added for a richer taste and a denser texture. Vegan friendly.

Deep Malthouse 900g

Organic malthouse flour added to organic white. The malty taste and texture of the malted grain adds a lovey bit of interest to this popular sourdough. Vegan friendly.

I also offer sourdough specials from time to time. Marmite and vintage cheddar, golden ale, Khorasan blend, a taste of emmer flour. I like to offer tasters of something you may not ordinarily have on offer to you.

Sourdough croissants and pain au chocolate

Hand crafted layers of pastry and French butter make these sourdough croissants and pain chocolate. These are available at the Farmers Markets and food fairs I sell at. Delicious warmed with breakfast or add your favourite filling for a tasty lunch.


One fresh soup variety is made each week and delivered to your door. Enough for 2 portions and in a cardboard lidded 26oz pot or kilner type jar. What could be better than a homely treat made for you to dip in to?

Here’s a taster of some of the soups offered by The Doorstep Baker

Turmeric noodle broth

Moroccan vegetable

Beetroot and tomato

Mushroom and Parsley

Sweet potato, chilli and lime

Cauliflower and cheddar

The sweet treats

One type of sweet treat in each delivery. These are some examples below of what your surprise may be, but there are many, many more. Enough for four sweet appetites.

Sourdough choc chip cookies
You haven’t tried a cookie until you’ve tried a sourdough cookie. Deliciously tasty and made with ‘Gordon’ my homemade sourdough starter.

The white and milk chocolate version of brownies. Moreish and satisfying .

Chocolate brownies
My own unique recipe that doesn’t compromise on flavour. Fudgy and chocolatey.

Blueberry and vanilla cake with lemon frosting A zingy, cake that lifts the spirits. And with a gorgeous texture.

Sticky toffee cake A perfect cake to comfort you. Toffee cake, vanilla frosting and my homemade rich toffee sauce drizzled on.

Seasonal specials
Check instagram, facebook or back here for new bakes information when available, e.g. Valentines, Easter brownies, Cream teas, Halloween treats, Christmas bakes.

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