I offer a wide range of foods to help offer an interesting delivery each time. Not sure what allergens are in each food and how these are prepared? I can explain more about ingredients, preparation and labelling. See below.


All ingredients I use are recorded to make sure any information for enquiries from allergen customers are current and accurate. It is my responsibility to be clear about the allergens my products contain and it is your responsibility to tell me about your allergy or intolerance. These details will be requested when you ask to sign up for a subscription. The sourdoughs are vegan friendly and many of the soups are dairy free or the dairy can be left out. I do not currently offer a dairy free sweet stuff subscription or a gluten free subscription. I will look into whether it it possible to offer these in the future.


All of the food from The Doorstep baker is prepared without using tree nuts or peanuts. However, please note that some products I use may have been packaged in facilities that also handle some of these allergens. For the remaining 12 allergens the risk of cross contamination can be managed with operating procedures and equipment in mind. For life threatening allergies please contact me first before considering any subscription.

Please press the contact link here to talk about your allergie(s) or intolerance further.


Since Natasha’s Law new allergen labelling regulations are in force since October 2021 and I very much welcome this change. See the Food Standards Agency for more details. The Doorstep Baker records allergy details given about yourself before food is prepared. I also list the full ingredients on each product’s packaging that is delivered. The top 14 allergens are listed in bold or ingredients containing them. Please speak up for allergies every time. It is never a bother and protecting yourself and others is top priority.

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