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Moroccan soup with sourdough croissant

Cath, the Moroccan soup is the best thing I have ever tasted in a soup. The flavour, taste and consistency are out of this world.

Well, we had visitors yesterday, so those cakes disappeared very quickly – just delicious.

Classic sourdough
Bread was lovely last week, thank you. Didn’t think it could get any better, but it did.
Turmeric noodle broth
Don’t know if I said how sustaining and comforting that delicious soup was last week. It kept me going.
Sticky toffee cake
Opening that box yesterday! We both swore loudly! It’s soooo delicious.
White sourdough
Just finishing our delicious tangy sourdough off for breakfast this morning. I really love the texture and taste of this with muscovado marmalade. It was heaven! Loved the muffins too, especially when warmed and they revealed that delicious gooey surprise centre.
Victoria sponge cupcakes – as an extra order
The birthday cupcakes for my son were delicious
Coconut jammy cake
Cake sooo delicious.
Bread, soup and sweet stuff bundle
Thank you for creating these lovely home made meals each week. We all enjoy your wonderful and exciting soups, bread and treats every week. We can’t wait to see this weeks and next weeks home made meals. Thank you for making our lives much happier in this difficult time. We look forward to next weeks surprises. Many thanks
Plain scones
I have been loving the loaves. They have been such a help when we couldn’t get deliveries. I don’t usually eat bread as it bloats me, but the sourdough has not caused that problem. Thank you so much for coming to our aid in these strange times. I do hope your business continues to flourish.
Roasted red onion and cherry tomato soup
You will love it! (being a subscriber) A cuddle in a jar with the best bread and amazing sweet treats. Thursday is our new fave day!
Cauliflower and cheddar soup
I’m so excited to be joining your subscriber family from this week!!! It’s just so lovely to see and follow a food journey – from your kitchen to my plate!!

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